Best free online survey tool – SurveyExpression review

Free online survey softwareWhen you’re searching for the right online survey tool, there are hundreds of free online survey tools you can choose from. It can become dizzying trying to figure out which of these tools really has the best survey software — let alone try and figure out which of them can do exactly what you need to do for free.

Setting up an effective online survey does not have to be expensive or complicated. In fact, if your goals are modest, it can cost you only your time. Many businesses do not need the elaborate precision required for formal surveys. It is enough to ask a chosen group of customers what they think about a product or service.

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How to Choose the Best Survey Software Tool

create-surveyAre you planning on gathering information by conducting a survey? Then, you probably need to find a quality, dependable, and easy-to-use survey software tool. There are many such software programs to choose from and luckily you have the internet to help you find a program to match your needs. Survey software is designed to help you plan and execute a survey, and collect and analyse the results.

Survey software can be used to obtain feedback from your employees or from visitors to your website, and from your customers, who can give their opinions on your business and your products.

Getting client feedback and finding out information about customer preferences can make the difference between the success and failure of your business. With the internet so widely available, web surveys are an easy way to gather information from your customers or potential clients. The first step in using web-based surveys is to select software to create surveys and analyze the data. There are a dizzying number of options available, and it can be difficult to know which survey software to choose.

If you’ve found yourself with the daunting task of researching survey software, we feel your pain and we’re here to help. has developed a simple, logical and objective 3-step guide that will help you and your organization make the right survey software choice.

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Survey Software for Information Gathering

Free survey softwareConducting surveys can offer you multiple benefits depending on the niche industry that your business belongs to. From e-commerce website owners to corporate organizations, from educational institutions to health care facilities, all need to conduct surveys for specific purposes. The businesses often make use of this to achieve the consumer opinion. You can collect informative data from the consumers regarding your products and services to aid in the decision making process. The insightful data would provide opportunities for you to improve your products enhance your customer service, increase the profit margin and more. Determining the rate of satisfaction becomes easier with the help of the free survey tools.

Survey software available online is not restrained to the use of business providers. The corporate organizations often use the tool to survey the employees. The human resources department is entitled to collect data regarding to employee satisfaction, employee engagement and annual reviews. The tasks become easier with the implementation of the software. You can even make use of the software to process the job application forms or the exit interview proceedings.

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Conduct Customer Surveys for Business Improvement

Customer surveys are now the standard in most businesses seeking feedback about their products and services. Whether completed online or in person, customer surveys can be relied on as fairly accurate measures of customer satisfaction. They can yield not only consumer reactions, but ideas and suggestions on how to improve businesses.

That is why it’s incredibly important for any business wishing to conduct a customer survey to put a lot of thought into designing it properly. The most effective customer surveys ask questions that are clear, concise, and that prompt the person taking it to give frank and honest responses; they don’t tire out survey takers, or annoy them, but simply serve the simple function of gathering data.

Designing an effective customer survey is actually more difficult than one would initially think. It is advised to do some Internet research for a great survey sample online. If you look at more than one survey sample, you will notice certain patterns in the types of questions asked, and the way they are worded. You may need to look for a survey sample that is reflective of the industry you are in, as an ideal example for how your survey should look.

Putting time into creating great customer surveys can prove a great benefit, in the long term, for improving your business.

ZenDesk Review: cloud based help desk software system

Zendesk is a web based based help desk support service (SaaS – Software as a Service) that can be used by any small, medium or enterprise businesses, freelancers, service providers and anybody who is in need of a help desk for efficient customer support, whether they have only one agent handling problems or a large staff. It helps agents answer questions, track issues and streamline interactions. Zendesk’s simplicity of operation, its extensibility and potential for customization and the variety of tools it offers to manage the customer relationship makes it one uniquely proportioned help desk offering in the cloud.

Answering customer questions and resolving issues is a complicated process, prone to glitches that lets customers slip through the cracks. Help desk support provides resources to keep track of contacts, making sure each customer gets the attention required to make sure their experience, and thus their image of the company and its customer service operation remains as positive as possible. It helps customer service agents remain organized and productive by prioritizing their activities and making sure nothing gets forgotten. The best such systems allow queries to reach agents through a variety of communications channels and help the agent leverage resources within his own company to assist the customer.

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Online helpdesk ticketing system reviews

help desk systemsHelpdesk software is a program or collection of programs used to manage a company’s helpdesk. Helpdesk software is a must for any company that does business online. Freeware helpdesk software is practically free to use, and many of them have most of the features that are available with other costly helpdesk software. Software applications can not only provide tools for call management, but also knowledge-base management, problem resolution processes, and managing, trouble shooting and monitoring technical assets.

Helpdesks have been traditionally used as call centers. Helpdesks are now fundamental and key aspects of good business service and operation. Helpdesks can provide both internal and external users the ability to ask questions and receive effective answers. Helpdesks play a key role in modern business organizations.Support your customers regardless of your or customer’s location.

Web-based help desk software is simply call tracking software that people use over the Internet or through an intranet. Web-based help desk software is located on a web server and can be accessed in any place with an Internet or intranet connection. Web based software enables a business to grow as it helps potential and existing customers to communicate with the business or supplier and smoothens problems faced in customer service. Web based helpdesk means an interface where the clients are provided help with respect to spam mail, web forms, etc. Service Level management is often crucial to the helpdesk process as a measure of its success.

Selecting a proper help desk software is essential for any company which really wishes to provide best possible customer support. When you have implemented the correct solution, you will see better results because of reduction of response and resolution times, but also increase customer satisfaction rates and customer retention. Select a proper help desk software for your company to maximize your profits and reduce your IT costs.

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10 Advantages of Online Surveys

web surveyOver the past decade, the use of online methods for market research has skyrocketed. Due to ever-increasing technological advances, it has become possible for do-it-yourself researchers to design, conduct and analyze their own surveys for literally a fraction of the cost and time it would have taken in the past.

Online surveys are a great option for business owners who would like to conduct their own research, and online survey tools make it possible for these business owners to perform market research at a fraction of the usual cost. The list below explains ten benefits of using online surveys as a way of researching your target market.

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How to Choose the Right Project Management Software

project-managementProject management software can be a useful tool for tracking project milestones, keeping up with to-do lists and scheduling meetings between team members. Choosing the right program (and the necessary bells and whistles) for your business will take a little research. Small businesses typically start with spreadsheets, followed by an online tool such as Google documents, before looking for something more comprehensive.

Project management continues to become an important and popular topic today. This is understandable because project management done correctly will help an organization get better at what it does, and make it more competitive. Project management software is one of the tools that organizations use to help implement project management. This article provides a five step process for choosing the right project management software.

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Top 6 online help desk software tools

helpdeskWhen a company moves their business online, they enter a new world, a world that never sleeps. The days of writing a letter to a company or calling them for help are gone. Clients expect instant service whenever and wherever they currently are. They are equipped with internet-enabled smart phones and tablets and their business never closes.

One of the most fundamental parts of customer interaction is communicating with the client about resolving issues. This usually involved a lot of paperwork and a team of people to accomplish, but not anymore. Customer support software, also called IT help desk software, is here to simplify customer interaction.

Web-based IT help desk software allows clients to save time by avoiding lengthy phone calls made even longer by being switched around from one department to another. Now, a client can submit a set of questions and get along with life while the support staff compile quality answers in a timely fashion. Since the service is email and web-based, customers can submit questions via online forms 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The majority of customer issues can usually be solved in a matter of minutes. This is where knowledge base software comes in handy. The knowledge base contains articles and instructions that answer a client’s questions or solve his problems without even having to contact the support staff in the first place.

Using the knowledge base is as simple typing in a question or a short description of a problem and instantly getting answers. This feature allows both parties to save time and money while still getting an issue resolved. An employer may open the system to his own employees, which means a more efficient and faster system to handle any internal inquiries ranging from company policy to technical support.

The most important part of help desk software is the automation of work. The trouble ticket software will quickly and easily convert question emails into tickets which allow tracking of each customer’s problems with ease.

This streamlines the whole support process and rules out any chance of mistakes or delays. Also, the customer support software keeps a record of all tickets created, thus providing the support staff with a history of each client’s interaction with the company.

To top it all off, it is possible to simply purchase a web-based software solution from a professional company. This way, the people that know everything about running customer support software are in charge of security, uptime and keeping everything running smoothly.

To summarize, web-based IT help desk software is the product of the future. It allows clients to receive help irregardless of where they are or what time it is. It also automates and normalizes the whole process, saving time and money for all parties involved, while providing a high quality support service to the client and ensuring a long and healthy business relationship.

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How to choose the right help desk software solution

help desk softwareFew people who run an online business would claim that they do not mind a small customer base. Trying to grab the attention of more and more people, for positive reasons, is something that many strive for. No matter how hard a company may work to gain attention, it means nothing if they cannot keep their customers happy.

Websites, no matter what they are for or who runs them, may sooner or later run into problems. For example, the web provider that is hosting the site could experience some down time. There could be an error that causes a certain product to become unavailable for a short time. However, not everything that happens is a result of the overall site experiencing an error. In some cases, customers may simply be confused about a certain page or feature on the site. With such a narrow and individual field, help for this customer can be difficult to tackle, making both the company and customer unhappy in the long run.

How can a business give their customers quick and easy assistance without cutting into the productivity of their employees? The answer sits with IT help desk software. With knowledge base software, all a company needs to do is install it, and the support software will help customers when needed. A worker that has to spend most of their time answering phone calls and emails is less likely to be productive for the well-being of the company. With something else to handle it for them, they can get back to what is important for them to accomplish.

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